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Our tenets:

The prime and quintessential tenet of is to deliver optimal reader experience and smart, handpicked gift ideas, cool gadgets and funny videos. Every gift idea has to be state of the art to have a chance to be featured on our site. We are not just looking for cool gadgets: we are hunting for the best gadgets available on the web. We do not just highlight cute and funny videos (i.e. we do not want to be a lesser clone of YouTube): we rather watch hundreds of them before finally releasing one unmissable and sweet video on We aim for the moon. Guess what “valmy” really means. It stands for “value for me. “Me” being you, guys. Value for you: time is priceless and we do not want to waste yours. Hence our endeavors to constantly aim to the highest editorial and heuristic standards.

News website dealing with gift ideas, curated shopping and cute viral contents is a news website dedicated to sharing smart gift ideas, curated shopping recommendations and viral contents. We handpicked hundreds of innovative and clever items. The common denominator of these items is that are revolutionary devices, smart inventions and original gift ideas. We usually data-mine and identify new products from Amazon, the “Everything’s Store”. If we judge that the selected products are worth being highlighted, we then write unique contents for our readers: the objective is to make sure that you will enjoy these product discoveries.

Our Holy Grail: source great gift ideas

We are systematically looking for great gift ideas. When the time comes (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Halloween, etc.), it is indeed very difficult to find gifts that will really deliver pleasure and joy. We have all experienced this feeling. This is why we proactively hunt exceptional gift ideas for you. For example, we know that fidget spinners are great toys that rarely disappoint kids and teenagers: hence, we dedicated a whole article to identify the best hand spinners available on the market. That is our contribution to finding a great gift idea! That is why we write gift guides with passion!

Nicely illustrated buying guides and product reviews

We include demo videos in our contents each time that they can bring illustrative value or explain the smart features of the devices. The choice of the items that we bring to light is eclectic and extremely diversified: $200 high-tech gadgets can indeed coexist with $5 basic but brilliantly clever tools. Every item has its place on as long as it meets our ultimate tenet: be smart. A great gift idea is not necessarily expensive, complex or exclusive: great gift ideas rather pop up as an evidence, as something that you will buy serenely with the feeling that you acquired the right thing at the right price. Great gift ideas are synonymous with good deals and must-have items.

Handpicked items only

Basically, we are gold diggers writing gift guides to share shopping advice. We indeed crawl hundreds of Amazon pages every week to spot ingenious items and smart gift ideas. We then filter these items, assess their relevance (metrics: are they  clever? Are they going to entertain our readers? Will our readers find these items breathtaking or at least original?) and only retain  a fraction (~5%) of the items identified initially. We are constantly doing arbitrages between the level of details of our gift guides and the need for crisp and curated shopping recommendations. Try to crawl and to handpick a couple of products: you will see that the toughest part is not to find great gift ideas, but to discriminate them to keep the essence only! Our approach is highly selective and sometimes painfully Cornelian!

Paradoxically, all featured items are not for sale!

Well, actually they are. However, it is obvious that some items will not generate any sale, ever. Why? Because we mostly picked them because they are fun, original, and because they have a really good chance to entertain you, make you smile, and, above all, make a statement. For example, have a look at the gift ideas indicated in the article about Donald Trump: of course, there are very little chances that our readers will end up buying items that are worth +$100K! The goal of several contents is to deliver a message rather than gift ideas per se. That is exactly the editorial policy of our site: fun and discovery first. Gift ideas are sometimes an excuse to delight our readers instead of making them buy things at any cost. This policy is actually what differentiates from traditional websites focused on sharing gift ideas and gift guides. Needless to say that we are particularly proud of this difference 😉

What are “curated gift ideas”?

Once we were asked by a reader “what are curated gift ideas”? His question was totally legitimate: he was indeed totally entitled to point out that every buying guide is a curated one by definition. Unless you can feature millions of items on in your gift guide (in other words, unless you replicate Amazon’s infinite catalog), buying guides are always curated. In our case, curated gift ideas are the result of a very low retention rate and of a drastically selective process during which we handpick a couple of relevant gift ideas after filtering hundreds of items.

We deliver viral and moving contents mostly focused on our beloved animals is not just focused on buying guides and sharing gift ideas. We also process hundreds of viral videos featured on YouTube or Facebook and we eventually select a micro-faction of these videos and release them on To be honest, we love cats, hence most of our videos are in relation to cute and funny kittens 😉 We also tremendously like dogs, wolves, lions, etc.: be sure that, at some point, you will watch moving videos of adorable animals on In general, we choose videos that have a great buzz potential. Nevertheless, we are not just looking for buzz or viral potential: we also want our videos to touch our readers. We crave lovely contents that will make us / you happy.

We have limited time and resources, hence we try to make every article count!

There are not tens of writers contributing to we are only two people, Alice and Marc. We have jobs in parallel of the site and we face imperatives that professional sites releasing gift ideas and buying guides do not. That is why we prioritize every content that we publish. We vet contents, we carefully select our themes and then we start writing gift guides. We cannot afford to produce useless or irrelevant content with the only objective of ranking higher on Google. Limited bandwidth is actually powerful incentive to better sourcing gift ideas. We indeed keep the most compelling ones and discriminate less relevant ones.

Let us know if you disagree with our gift ideas

Of course, it is possible that you will disagree with the relevance of our gift ideas. We test, fail and learn from our mistakes. We listen and we accept criticisms when they are legitimate and justified. It indeed happens that our readers tell us that our buying guides are not sharp enough or incomplete, that our gift ideas do not correspond to what they want, that they found better shopping guides elsewhere: we are ready to accept this kind of feedback. It helps us improve, dive deeper into the web and Amazon’s catalog to unearth better gift ideas, build more entertaining and detailed gift guides. A gift guide will never include 100% great gift ideas. The perfect buying guide does not exist! Trust us, we are aware of that and we enjoy contradiction as long as it is constructive!

Can you participate to the selection of our gift ideas?

The answer is YES! is an interactive website. If you wish us to feature a gift idea, a smart item or a cool gadget, please contact us here and we will quickly follow up and, if your contribution is retained, we will include it in the appropriate shopping guide. We might even create a new buying guide from scratch following your advice.