The 20 Coolest Unicorn Things Available On The Web

Written by Marc

Everyone in the team loves unicorns. Hence, we decided to dedicate them a special guide and to write this article about the greatest unicorn things that you can find on the internet. Enjoy!

Huge Inflatable Pool Float

This giant float is gorgeous and will be amazing for summer pool parties! Now you can tan while riding your big and colorful unicorn!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn Costume

This pretty costume is stylish, funny (and a bit kinky to say the truth)! Like it or not, but this costume/pyjama will undoubtedly make an impression!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn Mug

Drinking your hot chocolate or your coffee in this cute mug will surely enlighten your days. We particularly like the unexpected and incongruous use of the “F” word on this lovely mug!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn Night Light

These vivid and colorful night lights irradiating subtle and relaxing light are the perfect home companions to deliver a superb atmosphere. These night lights indeed come in several colors and are Amazon bestsellers thanks to their unique design and smooth pricing.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Another Super Cool Night Light


We could not write this article without mentioning this other lovely night light. We adopted this night light at the office and it looks quite charming: we all love our new “pet”!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn Pillow

This original pillow will be a nice addition to your living room. It will immediately bring a bit of tenderness and warmth, as well as a slight touch of fantasy.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn T-Shirt

We picked this t-shirt because it really has something different and unique: we found this little unicorn actually quite touching. Don’t ask why, but we tremendously enjoy this t-shirt and warmly recommend it.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn Slippers

These cute slippers depict a pair of smiling unicorns. For the record, we bought this pair of slippers and loved them. They are really smooth, almost silky, cozy and comfortable. They literally made our heart melt the first time we saw them.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn Socks

These socks are SO COOL and pretty: we just had to feature them in this article!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Case Cover for iPhone 5/5G/5S/SE

Forget about all the same boring and expensive leather cases that all come in grey or black… This perfectly kitsch but unique case cover for iPhone will instill a touch of joy and fantasy each time that you will look at it. Not to mention that this unicorn case is really inexpensive.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Anti-Stress Hand Spinner

We could not write this article without including the unavoidable hand spinner that became a worldwide phenomenon. This hand spinner is quite unique and may one day become a collector’s piece: just jump at it!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Wine Holder

This unicorn sculpture is undoubtedly eye-catching: seeing such a gracious and legendary animal in this position is indeed unusual!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Vans Sneakers


This original and multicolored pair of Vans sneakers is one of our favorite picks: you will certainly not see someone else wearing them in the street anytime soon!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Magnetic Paperclip Holder

This cute magnetic paperclip holder pictures your favorite mythical animal!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Jewelry Holder

We bought this jewelry holder and we must admit that it is magnificent (with its golden horn) and very convenient. It is ideal to look after your precious rings, earrings and bracelets.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

12 Unicorn Necklaces's buy-button redirecting to Amazon

These 12 cute and sturdy necklaces offer excellent value for the money.

Portable Power Bank

This 2600mAh portable backup battery is not only beautiful, but also a durable and reliable charger. This external power bank works with all iPhones and Android cellphones.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Makeup Travel Bag

Definitely a very cute bag to store your cosmetics!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Halloween Mask

Unlike our selection of really scary Halloween masks, this unicorn mask plays the card of originality and humor.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Gym Bag

We find this pink gym bag absolutely ravishing!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn Backpack

Just like the gym bag presented above, we adore this cute backpack. It will be a perfect school companion.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unicorn Lamp

Surely one of the most beautiful lamps depicting your favorite legendary pet!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Ceramic Hand Painted Planter

Will you adopt this adorable planter representing a smiling unicorn? We did! FYI, the ears, horn and tail of the this enchanting animal are hand painted.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Nail Dryer

This nail dryer generates a stream of cool air on your nails. Just apply your fingers (one by one) on the START button and let the magic begin.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Finally, if you like being “surprised” and if you enjoy some real thrills, you may want to meet (at your own risk!) the breathtaking teddy featured in this article.

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