The Beebo: The Smart Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder

Written by Marc

If you are a big fan of the famous TV show Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs pitch their inventions to raise funds for their companies, you may have noticed the successful presentation of the Beebo. This cool invention is a hands-free bottle holder that enables to feed your baby while keeping your other hand available for various tasks Рanswer your calls, enjoy your favorite novel, use the remote control of the TV, cuddle your baby, etc. The Beebo allows you to easily manage several tasks while feeding your child comfortably and safely. Simply place the bottle holder on your shoulder and insert the bottle: you can fix your bottle to the Beebo in a matter of seconds and it will then hold by itself. Just make sure to turn the bottle in the most appropriate angle for your baby. Ideally, try to keep the baby in an upright feeding position, and maintain the bottle at a stable angle. This way, you will  no longer have to mobilize your two hands and interrupt all your activities to focus on your baby.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

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In a nutshell, the Beebo’s qualities are obvious: this smart innovation is easy to use, comfortable and safe for your baby. After using it, you can clean it and roll it up instantly with no risk to damage it considering its totally durable material (thick, soft and flexible plastic). You will probably not feel it on your shoulder considering that the Beebo is particularly lightweight. It delivers a good grip to ensure that it will not fall. The Beebo is a “universal” bottle holder insofar as it fits any baby bottle. Its “unibody”¬†construction (i.e. there is no additional buckle, strap or clip involved) guarantees its durability. Just like many other items reviewed on, this bottle holder is much more than a gadget: its clean and simple design is at the roots of its efficiency and almost guarantees that the Beebo will make your life easier during your maternity/paternity process.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

  • WOW! Effect
  • Innovative Design
  • Frequency of Use
  • Value for Money

Should you buy it?

In general, we hugely enjoy reviewing items - like the Beebo - that propose to complete a simple task and which actually manage to deliver what is expected of them. Simple value propositions are indeed our favorite ones because they generally address very basic but important needs. The Beebo fulfills its mission perfectly. This simple but efficient hands-free bottle holder was indeed designed to enhance the baby feeding process: checked! It aims to enable parents to multitask while taking care of their baby: checked! Hence, we have to recognize that the Beebo is exactly what you need if you already have or expect a baby and if you intends to optimize your time while feeding him/her. Its very reasonable price as well as its intrinsic qualities make this smart item an appropriate gift idea for new parents.

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