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If you are looking for the best gadgets with great value for money to make relevant gift ideas, then you may be interested in checking the “new gen” backpacks that we reviewed below. For example, the Flak Sack by Loctote is a fancy and fashionable bag… except that it also features remarkable specs that really make it stand out from the competition. This backpack is indeed more than a beautiful bag with sleek and sophisticated design: it is a smart anti-theft backpack that will not only carry your belongings but also protect them thanks to its advanced safety standards.

I) Anti-Theft Backpack “Flak Sack” by Loctote: Quick Review

Funded via Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Loctote has recently created the “Flak Sack” that quickly became a bestseller on Amazon. How did this happen? Loctote specialized into theft-resistant bags, and the brand is particularly recognized for certain models of its anti-theft backpack. We bought, tested and eventually kept the anti-theft backpack “Flak Sack”. The promise is ambitious and thrilling: will this innovative backpack live up to expectations?

Are the anti-theft features of Loctote bags truly efficient? Hell, yes!

This is the principal “killer feature” that will make the Flak Sack a masterpiece or… a fraud. Let’s get straight to the point: obviously, Loctote really delivered a top notch anti-theft backpack. That is now a proven thing considering that we thoroughly tested Loctote’s latest flagship during our hands-on review. The promise of Loctote is simple, i.e. the Flak Sack does not only carry your essential belongings, but it also helps protect them from being stolen. Practically, happy owners of their anti-theft backpack just need to lock the bag to any safe stand and then leave it as is without being concerned about it anymore.

Let’s have a closer look at Loctote’s Flak Sack. It comes with a steel lock that enables to lock the bag to any sturdy object (e.g. a solid fence, a public bench, etc.), and then to go running, taking a walk, or just chill without looking after your bag and its precious belongings. In addition to its nearly indestructible fabric (see next paragraph), the Flak Sack comes with nylon straps reinforced with stainless steel wires that make them almost invulnerable and impossible to cut. Have a look at the video below to check how resistant the bag’s straps are.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Source: Loctote Industrial Bag Co.

Is the cut resistance of the Loctote anti-theft backpack real? Verdict: Yes

The backpack is crafted from on a double-layer of slash-resistant fabric initially created for police and military use – again, watch the demo in the video, the cut resistance of the Loctote’s anti-theft backpack is explicitly demonstrated and quite remarkable. We tested this slash-proof propriety and we must admit that it is genuine: even a sharp knife did not manage to cut into the Loctote’s anti-theft backpack. We were truly amazed by the near invulnerability of this elegant and trendy backpack.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Is the Flak Sack waterproof? Verdict: Probably

The Flak Sack is treated with liquid repellent coating that prevents your belongings from being deteriorated by rain or any liquid. Does it work in the real life? It does, i.e. the liquid repellent actually delivers what is expected of it. We had opportunities to test professional liquid repellents and we must say that Loctote’s anti-theft backpack “Flak Sack” is unquestionably efficient for this purpose. However, we did not spill cubic meters of water on our backpack, hence we cannot say whether it is absolutely waterproof or not. We did not make the test, but feel free to, at your own risks! 😉

Is the Flak Sack as comfortable as advertised? Verdict: it delivers correct and standard comfort, but…

This anti-theft backpack comes with a leather sternum strap that aims to deliver incremental comfort by maintaining the ropes firmly centered across your chest and optimally distributing the weight of the bag across your shoulders. From this standpoint, the Flak Sack is great and we enjoyed the sternum strap. However, the fabric and the bag itself are not specifically designed to be comfortable. Loctote’s main purpose is indeed to manufacture a rock solid, durable, convenient and anti-theft backpack. Hence, the degree of comfort of the Flak Sack is standard, no more, no less.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

II) Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

Bobby – that is the name of this other excellent anti-theft backpack – aims to thwart massive pick pocket occurrences that massively happen everyday in every big city in the world. Boddy offers comparable features as the Flak Sack such as cut-proof and liquid repellent fabric.

The cherry on the cake of this anti-theft backpack remains its hidden zipper and its smart secret pockets designed to effectively protect your belongings. Bobby is indeed crafted to protect your essentials in the subway as well as in every overcrowded public place where you are particularly exposed and vulnerable to thefts. The zipper of the main volume is cleverly hidden in the back of the backpack and therefore it remains inaccessible to anyone but you when you wear the bag.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Sources: XD Design, Mens Clothes

This smart theft resistant bag judiciously integrates an external USB charging port and a built-in charging cable so that you can easily plug and reload your smartphone without opening the backpack. It also features luminescent safety strips to stay visible at all time.

i) The original Bobby anti-theft backpack by XD Design:'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

ii) Another great option…'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

iii) … or a really popular alternative also enjoying great reviews:'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

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  • Value for Money

Should you buy it?

Loctote's flagship and anti-theft backpack is surprisingly fashionable and elegant considering that it is also a nearly indestructible theft resistant bag. Loctote indeed manufactured a truly outstanding bag that deservedly tops our selection of safety equipment. Bobby is also packed with impressive features that make it one of the best gadgets that we ever tested and one of the most efficient anti-theft bags to carry your essentials (your laptop, your iPhone, etc.) The "superpowers" of these theft-resistant backpacks can potentially be perceived as overkill, i.e. do we really need nearly military equipment to survive in a Western urban environment? Well, when it is that affordable and is the result of great craftsmanship and sleek design like Loctote's Flak Sack, in that case, yes, these popular anti-theft backpacks address an actual need and totally deserve a place of choice on your shoulders as well as their brilliant grades and reviews.

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