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Our Goal: Highlight The Best Gadgets Ever

Our Mission: Screening the web to handpick the best gadgets is constantly digging into the internet to find the best gadgets available out there. We are literally hunting them to feature these clever items on and enthrall our readers. The products that are released on the site are not necessarily high-tech gadgets: we primarily focus on clever and useful items that carry a true added value. Sometimes, the simplest accessory is indeed more fascinating and brilliant than a hype and pricey high-tech device.

We write out of passion

We cultivate an intact passion for product discovery and shopping heuristics. We test smart inventions and then provide honest and objective reviews. Our gadget review are tributes to intelligence, great engineering and simple but brilliant ideas. The best gadgets are invariably underpinned by human cleverness and creativity at their purest. The best gadgets are disruptive and affordable; they are small things that deliver great effects and unexpected results. They happen because their creators managed to think our of the box to achieve great customer beyond expectations thanks to ingenious findings.

Our team is specifically looking for these “rare gems”, but we also insist on highlighting them beautifully

Hence, we systematically use captivating videos to shed light on our best gadgets. We consider that it is always relevant to explain how these revolutionary devices actually work: short and explanatory videos are the perfect vectors for this purpose. We do not systematically include videos in our articles i) to avoid slowing down pages’ loading time and ii) if these videos do not provide actual added value for our contents. Keep the big picture in mind: we strive to deliver optimal user experience.

What is the common denominator of our best gadgets?

Do you know the thing in common between a life-saving flotation device, a luminescent book, magnetic shoe laces, a bright bike taillight, a rolling knife and Amazon Echo? These products are all exceptionally smart devices in their own category. This is why you guys can find these little marvels on promoting cleverness, innovation and revolutionary products are the key drivers of

The best gadgets are timeless and their usefulness is obvious at first sight

We love simple things because simple is beautiful. Overly sophisticated items are rarely the best ones, or even the most innovative ones: complexity is not innovation. It happens that we discover smart gadgets that cost $3 and that manage to amaze us thanks to their intrinsic cleverness and their ingenuity. In these cases, we just think “why was this thing not invented earlier?”. These occurrences are really when the magic happens, i.e. when we are totally convinced that we just found out the best gadgets for our readers. Needless to say that, just like a gold digger finding a gold nugget after days of hard work, we are immensely happy to recommend and write about these exceptional items. These “exceptional” are precisely what we call our “best gadgets”!

The best gadgets are all but useless items!

When people hear about “gadgets”, then often think “useless”. Well, this is a clear misconception. The best gadgets are indeed smart and useful items that really shine thanks to their innovative features. Their originality and underlying engineering make them really stand out. The negative connotation of gadgets in terms of day-to-day usefulness is undeserved as long as we – and that is our prime mission – are actually able to spot and feature the true and unquestionable best gadgets currently available on Amazon and that will deliver value for our readers.

Crawling the web for amazing things is (almost) a full-time job

Funny or sophisticated products are easy to find, there are thousands of them, cheap and expensive ones: but most of them are purposeless. On the contrary, truly innovative and smart products are a rare commodity these days. Products that can really benefit you, help you in your everyday life, make you smile every time you see or use them: these guys are scarce, believe us. In fact, we feature a product at the condition that we believe in it and are convinced that it will bring real joy.

Where do we find our cool gadgets?

You probably have noticed the width and the granularity of our section dedicated to the “best gadgets”. We actually make sure to only select truly smart and cool gadgets that will really have an impact on your everyday life. Several sites will publish hundreds (or even thousands) of present ideas, gadgets, gift and buying guides, etc. but without processing them through a strict and thorough selection funnel – we think that this is a mistake. This strategy indeed has some advantages from and SEO standpoint, but we consider that this approach is counterproductive in terms of reader experience. Again, we aim to keep the essence ONLY. In other words, our gadgets have to be state of the art items, nothing less.

Great gadgets are generally affordable items

Latest gadgets are rarely the best gadgets, but they are sometimes the most expensive ones. This is why we make sure to handpick affordable gadgets in priority. Affordable gadgets, but not cheap items – be aware of this difference. The innovative items that we select indeed need to have great value for money – which is one of our key metrics to determine if we are dealing with a cool gadget or with the best gadget out there, the one that dominates its category by a wide margin. And remember what “valmy” actually stands for: “value for me”. Call it value for money or best bang for the buck, because, eventually, our one and only goal is to crawl the web looking for the best gadgets available at affordable prices.

Are there other websites dealing with gift ideas, smart buying guides and cool gadgets out there?

Of course such websites exist on the internet. We warmly recommend you guys to check these sites and to buy from them considering the exceptional gift ideas and truly great gadgets that you will likely find there. Hence, why do we think that is so special? Well, first because is different. We vouch for every gadget that we feature on our site because we carefully selected it prior to its release. We literally vet the innovative product that we eventually write about. We do not have the firepower of our friends because we are working part-time on This is why, again, we make every word, every comma count. The latest gadgets that we choose to feature are possibly among the best gadgets that you will find on the web because their selection is handpicked and handmade. These handcrafted contents are the roots of our editorial approach.

Now, please, enjoy the great inventions that we chose to share with you. We dearly hope that you will discover outstanding things that will arouse your interest and make you happy if your buy them.