Best LED Shoes: Discover Our 2017 Edition

Written by Marc

You cannot have missed them: LED shoes are the trend of the last 2 years. LED sneakers were extremely popular during the 90s/early 2000s, especially in high school. We all experienced this vintage fashion and it is likely that some of you guys actually owned LED sneakers. Nowadays, everyone can wear light up shoes, probably not at the office yet, but at least during special occasions (at parties, in nightclubs, etc.) Even if you are not the biggest fan of LED shoes, it is difficult not to be impressed by their very special look: they indeed become particularly impressive when worn with style like in the video below (we were amazed by the skills and the grace of Amymarie Gaertner). [Note: our selection of the 7 best LED sneakers is indicated in the end of this article]

Source: Amymarie Gaertner

If you enjoyed the spectacular video featured above, feel free to watch more videos of dancers wearing LED shoes on YouTube, considering that light up shoes became a massively viral phenomenon all over the world since 2016.

How Do LED Shoes Actually Work?

Most of the time, LED shoes are essentially a question of sneakers considering that classic shoes (e.g. boots or office leather shoes) equipped with LEDs would look kind of… weird! LED shoes integrate electroluminescent diodes charged via an USB cable (the USB is generally hidden somewhere under the tabs). Most models offer several light colors (6 or 7) that you can choose to change thanks to a button, depending on your mood and taste. You may also select the classic light mode or the flashing mode (the colors alternate automatically). LED shoes generally have an autonomy of about 8 hours, for a loading time of 3 hours.

Be Careful! Select Safe and Certified LED Shoes Only

Make sure to respect a couple of rules if you care about your LED shoes. It is indeed important to avoid wearing your light up shoes in rainy weather unless you plan to quickly ruin them (i.e. do not forget about their embarked electrical circuit). It is also fundamental to opt for popular and reliable models that have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by a large customer base. Avoid low cost LED sneakers, because there were several cases of fire and sparks due to cheap LED shoes. There are a couple of safety notices that you may want to check and which are generally specified on e-retailers’ pages.

A Question of Taste

Light up shoes suit all tastes, from white sneakers with sweet leather that are fine to wear in most circumstances (well, in almost all circumstances – remember, rain does not fit well with electrical devices!) to more imposing and metallized sneakers with thick soles. Basically, whether you have classic or fancy tastes, you will likely find LED shoes that will fit your lovely feet. Eventually, just like the Havaianas flip flops that we reviewed in a previous article, footwear is always a question of taste!

Versatile Footwear

There is one “killer feature” that we particularly enjoy with LED shoes, and that is their versatility. When switched off, light up shoes look like traditional sneakers and it is absolutely almost impossible to notice their “superpower”… except if people around you are experts with sharp eyes for shoes. They might indeed recognize LED shoes in the semi translucent aspect of their soles.

Obviously, in broad daylight, the brightness of LED sneakers is discreet, but at night they deliver their special effect! LED shoes actually trigger an impressive “WOW effect” in appropriate conditions and as long as you know how to move with a minimum of style. In this case, light up shoes become unmissable, fun, sparkling and colorful. You can choose the color of your light up sneakers or decide to flash their LEDs, depending on your outfit, the context or the effect that you plan to produce. Remember, LED shoes’ autonomy is really solid (i.e. in general up to 8 hours) and you can switch them off at any time.

Wrap up: Should You Buy a Pair of LED Shoes?

Now that it is time to wrap this article up, we can definitely recommend LED footwear if you plan to make an impression, or just if you want to have fun and enhance the way you dance at night. There are hundreds of models out there, this is why we selected 7 of them to make your choice easier. Again, one last advice: beware of cheap and unreliable light up shoes; there are indeed many non-compliant and potentially dangerous low-cost models on the market. Hence, please, choose wisely and buy from recommended sellers only.

Our Selection: The 7 Best LED Shoes on the Market in 2017

These LED shoes were selected based on specific tenets. First, they need to have proven that they are reliable, sturdy and harmless. Hence, we have only chosen massive bestsellers on Amazon with excellent grades and sometimes hundreds of verified comments. We made sure to select not only popular LED shoes, but also light up sneakers with a style and a design of their own that will make them instant iconic LED shoes. Enjoy our selection and please let us know your feedback!

Black & White Light Up Shoes

Simple, elegant and versatile LED shoes to wear in every circumstance until you finally decide to light them up!'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Shiny Pink LED Shoes

Expect to make a statement when wearing this superb pair of flashy LED sneakers.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Unisex Sport LED Footwear

We particularly enjoy the Nike-ish look of this versatile pair of LED shoes that come in several other colors.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

White Leather Light Up Sneakers

We like the understated “Stan Smith-ish” look of this pair of white sneakers.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

High Top LED Shoes

These sober and versatile leather sneakers are absolutely gorgeous once you decide to switch them on.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Sleek Metallic LED Sneakers

You can expect to make an impression with these sparkling metallized light up shoes.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Nike-ish Footwear


These very popular and classy sneakers come in several colors and styles. We tremendously like them.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

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