“Claws”, The Gardening Gloves For Superheroes

Written by Marc

Do you enjoy gardening with style and efficiency? Do you plan to protect your hands from dirt and scratches? Well, in this case, we may have found the perfect accessory for you, i.e. unique and bestselling gardening gloves equipped with impressive claws. We already tested outstanding protective gloves in the past, but these ones are also particularly impressive and innovative. These gloves are literally equipped with actual claws that enable to dig, plant, cut, prune with agility. These gardening gloves are waterproof, sturdy and impenetrable to protect your hands from thorns and dirt. Their structure is made up of natural rubber latex while the built in claws are composed of hard and solid plastic.

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Sources: Fast Deals, Garden Genie

These special gardening gloves feature a breathable technology that protects your hands from excessive sweat and blisters, which generally come with repeated frictions. These (very) inexpensive gloves are available in one unisex size that fits both men and women. Have a look at the self-explanatory video above to see the potential and the convenience of these puncture resistant gardening gloves. They are a massive bestseller in several countries, both in the US and in the EU thanks to their compelling and innovative design. From a strictly esthetic point of view, we find these gardening gloves very enjoyable: for a moment, we indeed thought that we became the scary Freddy Krueger or even a superhero like Catwoman! After Jaws, please enjoy Claws, another tribute to iconic movies!

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  • WOW! Effect
  • Innovative Design
  • Frequency of Use
  • Value for Money

Should you buy it?

We definitely recommend these popular gardening gloves considering their great reputation of safety, efficiency and reliability. Considering their very limited price (<$10), you should not think twice about buying them if you seriously are into gardening.

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