Runaway Alarm Clock: Meet Naughty Clocky

Written by Alice

Your alarm clock rings, you turn it off, then you accidentally get back to sleep, you end up waking up suddenly 45 min later, you get ready for work in dramatic conditions, you rush to your office because you are (very) late for an important meeting, and finally you end up missing your very important meeting and sweating massively, ruining your shirt and suit for the day. How many times did you experience this tragic chain of events? Me, way too often. Well, that was until I bought and tested the runaway alarm clock.

How does Clocky actually work?

Its value proposition (i.e. keep you from getting back to sleep after the alarm clock rang) is excellent, but the way it delivers it can sometimes be painful and annoying 😉 But we have to admit that this runaway alarm clock lives up to expectations and delivers what is expected of it. Until you manage to catch it, it will run away and beep frantically. Clocky is merciless indeed: as soon as it starts ringing, this runaway alarm clock will just jump off your nightstand and leave the room.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon and curated shopping recommendations

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Another great idea undermined by poor execution?

Do not worry about its sturdiness: Clocky is shockproof and actually made of solid materials (mostly durable plastic) and will be able to take thousands of falls from your bedside table. Once on the ground, your runaway alarm clock keeps rolling but is quite easy to catch and turn off. Honestly, we were relatively impressed by this gadget: it is underpinned by a really original idea, its craftsmanship is decent, its price is affordable. What else? From a technical point of view, the runaway alarm clock is remarkable, which was not always the case of all the gadgets that we tested on (i.e. it happened more than once that gadgets looked great on paper but disappointed in reality).

Final words: is this runaway alarm clock Clocky or Chucky?

Is this mischievous runaway alarm clock one of our preferred gift ideas? Probably not. Is it one of the best gadgets that you can buy for this Christmas? Maybe not. However, we cannot help but enjoy this really cool and paradoxical gadget. “Paradoxical” insofar as you may like and hate this alarm clock built on wheels at the same time.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon and curated shopping recommendations

  • WOW! Effect
  • Innovative Design
  • Frequency of Use
  • Value for Money

Should you buy it?

Clocky may become your daily companion but it is not always easy to live with, a bit like Cozmo that we recently tested! Hence, be prepared to adapt to it if you decide to adopt it. Its ability to deliver frantic and radical awakenings is memorable. This impish alarm clock will keep jumping off your nightstand and run away, you may wake up early with a big smile at first, but will you take this little ritual everyday? That is the question you need to ask yourself. Again, this puckish runaway alarm clock is not one of our favorite gift ideas, neither is it one of the very best gadgets available on the market, but its concept is so original that this sweet and appealing gadget might end up on your Christmas wish list. This is exactly why Clocky became an Amazon bestseller.