The Cute Panda Piggy Bank: A Sweet Way To Save Money

Panda Money Box
Written by Alice

The cutest thing ever: the panda piggy bank! This mechanical panda is adorable and makes us say soppy things like “I love it so much”, “it’s soooo cuuute”, “aaaaaawwwwwwww” each time that we see it. The panda piggy bank is a worldwide bestseller. How can we not be touched by this panda that timidly steals your coins every time that you put them next to him? This kleptomaniac panda generated a huge buzz at its release, as well as many derivatives like the dog piggy bank and the cat piggy bank (which both similarly became bestselling items on Amazon). Hundreds of funny and viral videos of real cats, looking a bit disconcerted by the panda piggy bank, were released on YouTube, like this cute video that we featured on Just for the anecdote, the panda piggy bank was the first gift idea ever featured on Almost all Christmas buying guides included this lovely device in 2016 and it is likely that we will find it again in their 2017 editions.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon and curated shopping recommendations

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We updated this article with two new and very special piggy banks:

i) First, this strange but unique piggy bank inspired by Miyazaki’s masterpiece Spirited Away. The video below is particularly hilarious: watch this lovely cat’s reaction to the intriguing No face piggy bank:

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ii) This impressive face piggy bank basically eats your money. This face seems incredibly alive, the mastication is hyper realistic and facial features look totally real! This coin bank quickly became a bestseller: try it and you will quickly understand why.

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Should you buy it?

This panda piggy bank is a sweet gift idea for kids and grown-ups. It is a really cool gadget that systematically makes an impression: just watch the video if you are still not convinced! This original piggy bank became massively viral in 2016 thanks to its cute mechanism that brings an adorable panda to life. If you are lacking gift ideas when Christmas comes, this inexpensive and clever toy might just be the present that you are looking for. Otherwise, you may also want to have a look at the famous feisty pets, which were awarded stellar grades both on and Amazon.