Baby Groot: The Cutest Toy Of 2017?

Written by Marc

At, we are HUGE fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel’s superhero blockbuster featuring unforgettable, charismatic and sweet characters. Among them, a powerful walking tree, Groot, whose only words are “I am Groot!”. The Vol. II of Guardians of the Galaxy highlights “Baby Groot”, the smaller and younger version of Groot.

We can say it straight away: we really enjoyed this dancing Baby Groot. When activated, this lovely toy starts dancing to its internal music, or it can even detect external songs or specific playlists to dance (the moves of the toy are not very sophisticated but the sound recognition is impressively accurate). As soon as music is detected – and that is really a killer feature – Baby Groot’s eyes light up and the little creature starts shaking its body 🙂

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The dancing Baby Groot figuring is basically the same size as its equivalent from the Guardians of Galaxy Vol. II film. The figurine emits the exact same song as the one you can listen in the movie, i.e. Come A Little Bit Closer. Each time that you are going to play the song, Baby Groot is going to start dancing. And, again, you can also try to play a different song from your smartphone or radio, and you will see Baby Groot move its wooden body.

How can we activate Baby Groot and make it dance? Well, that is very easy: just press the button (the small green leaf integrated on Baby Groot’s left leg). Once turned on, Baby Groot is going to say its legendary sentence “I am Grooooooot” and then start dancing frenetically and follow the tempo of the internal soundtrack. If you keep pressing the leaf button, you will trigger the automatic music detection – at this stage, Baby Groot will be able to detect and identify all the new tunes that you are going to play and keep dancing accordingly (Groot’s torso and arms get put in motion, and its eyes start glowing).

The dancing Groot figurine that we reviewed is available below. You can be sure that this adorable Groot will delight your children this Christmas. This unique toy definitely deserves its popularity on Amazon as well as its excellent reviews (4.0/5.0 on and 4.5/5.0 stars on Amazon).'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Or you can also choose this really cool and very popular (i.e. +1,000 reviews on Amazon and a stunning 4.5/5.0-star overall grade) alternative:'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

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Should you buy it?

These two inexpensive (~$20-$30) Groot figurines are quality toys that will surely thrill your kids for Christmas and constitute great gift ideas. The figurine that we reviewed includes really satisfying specs like dancing, song recognition, cool moves and flashing eyes. However, we also want to manage your expectations: Baby Groot is a really nice toy with cool and original features, but do not expect it to be the item of the year. We indeed tested smarter (but also more expensive) toys that we found significantly more impressive and compelling, e.g. the amazing Cozmo robot that we thoroughly reviewed here.

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