Discover The Light Impulse Hair Removal Device By Philips

hair removal device by Philips
Written by Alice

If you are a fervent reader of, you may have noticed that we are really into hair removal! 😉 Judge for yourself: “10 gross things that everyone needs“, the clever beard bib, Beard Bro & the Groomarang, etc. 🙂 Well, today we decided to highlight the Lumea Prestige IPL, that is often described and recognized as the most efficient hair removal device currently available on the market. This hair removal device created by Philips is all but a gadget and it actually… works, unlike many of its peers. This epilator efficiently and radically removes all kinds of hair via powerful light impulses. The result is stunning considering that almost all hair are removed in a matter of days. Official metrics state that 75% reduction in hair regrowth is reached in just 8 weeks and after 4 uses.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon and curated shopping recommendations

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The Lumea Prestige IPL shines by its convenience (it is cordless and does not require lamps, gels or accessories), its versatility (the Lumea can be applied on your legs, arms, bikini area, underarms and face) and its quick efficiency (8 min per leg and 1 min per armpit, the bikini area and for each part of the face). The lifetime of this hair removal device is considerable (i.e. 250,000 flashes). It integrates an UV filter that protects the skin from harmful rays. The Lumea Prestige IPL is the gold standard of its industry a and massive bestseller on and

Would we include this smart hair removal within a list of gift ideas for this Christmas? Well, to be honest, it would be a bit touchy. The Lumea Prestige IPL  is indeed one of the best gadgets available on this product category, but it is always delicate to offer someone a light impulse epilator without sending a weird message. Hence, feel free to choose such gift idea, but at your own risk! Personally, I would opt for more consensual gift ideas considering that is packed with hundreds of cool gadget.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon and curated shopping recommendations

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Should you buy it?

High-tech devices that permanently eliminate hair with pulsed light technology have become increasingly popular all over the world over these last 2 or 3 years. The Lumea Prestige IPL, which radically eradicates hair via light impulses, is notoriously recognized as one of the best (if not the best) product in the crowded segment of hair removal devices. The video explains particularly well how this Philips' creation epilates the face and body, including the armpits, the bikini, the legs, the belly and the arms with similar efficiency. We did not have the chance to test the Lumea Prestige IPL but the combination of its huge popularity on Amazon (see the impressive number of user comments), its hundreds of eulogistic reviews, and its stellar grades on e-commerce websites, should encourage you to give it a try. The Lumea Prestige IPL, due to its relatively unsexy function (hair removal has never been glamorous), is not a great gift idea per se – however, again, we recommend that you test it despite its high price tag – even if it remains of the best gadgets of its category.