Safety Equipment For Bikers & Cyclists: 3 Unmissable Items

Written by Marc

We are constantly digging the web and searching for exceptional and useful items. In this case, we unearthed potentially lifesaving safety equipment designed for bikers, cyclists, joggers and pedestrians.

Safety Equipment #1: Halo LED Belt

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This visibility gear is an imperative for running, cycling or biking more safely. These X belts are potential lifesavers considering that they deliver 360° of full visibility and awareness. These X belts do not just reflect lights: they also strongly illuminate and generate a powerful luminescent halo. Hence, you can be sure that you will not ride or run unnoticed by vehicles. We could not resist adding another video of the Halo Belt because… it just so cool! 😉

Source: Halo Belt (

These safety fluorescent belts did not neglect the comfort factor: they indeed are adjustable and lightweight so that you  will easily forget that you  are wearing them while staying unmissable by cars. In a way, these belts are your guardian angels discreetly looking after you! You can recharge the batteries of these belts via a micro-USB port. If we had to retain only one  thing about these flashy belts, it is, again, their ability to generate their own lights, instead of vests that just reflect it: that is why they are so reassuring; you can be sure that you will be seen and therefore safer. These safety reflective belts are logically an absolute Amazon bestseller. We could not find the Halo X Belts on Amazon but you can buy them on Kickstarter. Otherwise, you still have the option of buying equivalent and amazing safety belts on Amazon:'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Safety Equipment #2: Cycling Gloves Integrating LED Turn Signals

Source: Zackees

These special bike lights cleverly integrated in cycling gloves also are great Amazon bestsellers. Why? Because they contribute to protect cyclists from a recurring traffic plague: the vast majority of accidents that involve bicycles actually occur at junctions and whilst turning. The native turn signals of these gloves will help decrease ambiguities while cycling and avoid putting you at risk. These cycling gloves are resistant and will provide incremental and robust protection. The above video is pretty cool and self-explanatory, it is definitely worth a look.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Safety Equipment #3: Direction Indicators For Bicycles

Source: CYCL

These turn signals for bikes are pure little marvels. They are user-friendly, easy to install thanks to their universal compatibility (we tested them and still use them on our bicycles), rock solid, shock and waterproof. These blinkers basically do their job efficiently, i.e. they enable you to be seen by drivers and other cyclists from every angle and they contribute to decrease drastically the risks of collision. As expected, these blinkers are Amazon bestsellers with stellar grades.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon

Two items mentioned on deserved to be featured in this article dedicated to safety equipment for cyclists and bikers: the “bike balls taillight” and the incredible reflective Spray Albedo 100.

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