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Our smart gift guides only feature handpicked products that we curated after screening and processing hundreds of items

We indeed strive to highlight innovative and clever products able to tease the curiosity of our readers. We made sure to fill‘s gift guides with stunning devices sorted by topics (frugal gift ideas, truly terrifying Halloween masks, gross but essential products, etc.) and we hope that you will enjoy this thematic approach.

We plan to release new gift guides every week

These guides will rely on quality and unique content, smart bestsellers or revolutionary underrated little treasures, enthralling and entertaining topics (but never deceptive ones: we indeed stay away from catchy and easy titles). We consider that it is our duty to never disappoint our readers and therefore to constantly raise the bar of our releases, i.e. always make sure that editorial angles are original and fit to arouse the interest of our visitors in the long term.

Writing gift guides takes a lot of time and dedication

Needless to say that sourcing really cool gadgets or smart useful items is not an easy task. Gift guides are relevant if they manage to catch readers’ attention. Hence, the thematic approach of our gift guides aims to address readers’ concerns and questions depending on seasons (e.g. Havaianas flip flops for Summer holidays), events (e.g. Halloween), hobbies and centers of interest (e.g. LED shoes, unicorn items, funny socks and beer).

We try to think different and to write a new kind of gift guides

We indeed strive to create bold and cheeky buying guides which not only feature unique gift ideas, but also that aim to deliver a message and express an opinion. Our ambition is to go beyond basic gift guides. For example, if you want to discover our approach, you might want to read our gift guide dedicated to… Donald Trump or to gross things that everyone needs. We expressed very clear views on Mr Trump by selecting very particular gift ideas that you would not find elsewhere. We know that this policy will not please everyone, but that is the kind of editorial choice that we are willing to make.

There are thousands of websites releasing gift guides out there

But how many of them actually share useful gift ideas? Well, probably not that many. How many times did you visit websites, hoping that you would find rare gems for special events and gave up without finding valuable shopping ideas? Probably way too many times. This is why we pay critical attention to finding REAL gift ideas after analyzing thousands of items. We are not just looking for them on Amazon: we also data-mine social media, relevant e-commerce websites, manufacturers’ sites, etc.

Our main objective is actually to inspire our readers, not to sell things at any price

We are proud and happy each time that someone sends us an e-mail to say “I enjoyed your gift guide” or “this product that I saw in your gift guide was absolutely breathtaking”. These messages are the best gifts that you can give us. Honestly, we would rather please the vast majority of our readers and generate marginal sales, than satisfy a fraction of them and sell hundreds of items. We want to differentiate ourselves from other websites focused gift guides by selecting the gift ideas that we feature in function of their intrinsic cleverness and originality instead of their selling potential. This is a weird way to do business, this is a strange way to write gift guides: but this is OUR way.

How do we define the right mix of videos and pictures to illustrate our gift guides?

We do not follow a specific rule for this purpose. Instead, we choose to embed videos anytime relevant and when these videos clearly add  value to the whole content of the buying guide. Too many videos may indeed affect the fluidity of the browsing and the loading time of the pages. That is why we often choose to stick to pictures only and therefore to maximize the reader’s overall experience. Successful gift guides are not always the most comprehensive ones: only gift guides based on handpicked gift ideas enhanced with adequate illustrations will fully satisfy our readers.

High-resolution vivid pictures and dazzling videos are part of’s DNA

We indeed consider that great contents, great videos and great photos are the three key drivers of a seamless reading experience. We enjoyed every product that we took the time to present on this is why every article has to be a tribute to these exceptional items. The crisp videos that we used are indeed an important component of this tribute and they aim to enhance, explain and evangelize the smart products that we featured.

Our Gift Guides never cease to evolve and to get updated

Our buying guides are constantly updated over time. We systematically add new gift ideas every time that a new smart item or a cool gadget hits the market or appears on our radar.‘s shopping guides actually live and evolve, they are not set in stone. Every year, some products become obsolete while some others end up unavailable; on the contrary, new bestsellers (e.g. the unmissable fidget spinners) become must-have gift ideas and we have to be on time to talk about them, create ad hoc gift guides or include them in existing ones.

Feel free to share your feedback on our gift guides!

We do not like writing one-directional buying guides: we rather prefer interactive ones that get updated and improved over time. Did you know that we regularly include new gift ideas coming from suggestions from our readers? We indeed updated several times a couple of gift guides following recommendations from committed visitors who spotted missing smart items that were eligible to being included in our buying guides. For example, our gift guide focused on scary Halloween masks was updated several times based on the findings of our readers who suggested a couple of additional frightening masks… Again,‘s gift guides are not written for eternity and we might be one of the few websites of our kind that really take reader’s suggestions into real consideration and that quickly reflect them when relevant.

Guys, the time has come to wish you a pleasant time reading our smart gift guides. We are proud to count you among our readers and hope that you will take as much pleasure browsing our site than we took writing it.