Smart Inverted Umbrella: Innovative Rain Killer

Inverted Umbrella
Written by Alice

Attention people, awesome invention incoming! The inverted umbrella prevents you from ruining your clothes and car each time that it is raining. Extremely robust, the Drybrella is one of our top picks of 2016 and is an obvious useful gift idea for people living in rainy areas. That is actually our case (well, at least this Summer) and we must say that the inverted umbrella has become an indispensable companion. Actually, I was recently offered an inverted umbrella, hence I could run a hands on test of this cool gadget. How does it work in real conditions and does it live up to expectations? Well, the answer is yes: the inverted umbrella is really a smart item. It does its job well. Do not expect to me amazed though: the inverted umbrella indeed delivers efficient rain protection, it folds nicely and without flooding the interior of your home, and that is basically it. It is relatively heavy – which we forgive considering that this smart gadget is sturdy and will not be destroyed by a strong gust of wind.'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon and curated shopping recommendations

Source: Newsly

If you are looking for gift ideas for Christmas, this ingenious umbrella is clearly a safe bet and a reliable tool, even if it is not one of the best gadgets that we reviewed on The “wow effect” generated by the umbrella will probably last a couple of hours, you will enjoy its “killer feature” at first until you consider it absolutely normal. However, after experiencing this clever gadget, you will probably never get back to using traditional umbrellas. Affordable and truly innovative items do not happen everyday, and that is why you should really give the inverted umbrella a chance: it will not disappoint as long as you do not expect to be buying the best gadget out there. Again, this reliable umbrella will not fail you – and that is already a good achievement in the world of umbrellas (i.e. we bought so many standard umbrellas in the past and most of them died after a few weeks…)'s buy-button redirecting to Amazon and curated shopping recommendations

  • WOW! Effect
  • Innovative Design
  • Frequency of Use
  • Value for Money

Should you buy it?

If, like me, you hate rain and putting water all over your car and home each time that you fold your soaked umbrella, you will really enjoy the inverted umbrella, that is not only at doing its job but also durable and rock solid. Such simple but brilliant piece of engineering does not occur everyday, that is why you should give this special umbrella a try, especially at this price.