Curated Viral Contents

At‘s, we tremendously enjoy viral video contents. We indeed like “cute buzz”, i.e. videos of cute kittens, puppies, lion and wolf cubs. Basically, we are huge fans of all viral video contents that deliver joy and tenderness, videos that make us laugh or smile.

However, we are not willing to echo or amplify buzz that we do not like. We indeed refuse to publish video if we do not find them genuinely funny, sweet and original. We drastically select the video contents that we release on We are not featuring cats to magnetize clicks like many other sites would do: we generally do not like editorial strategies relying on recurring and overwhelming releases of “LOLcats” or memes.

We rather crave viral content that moves our audience. Hence, we curate several hundreds of viral contents every week and finally keep ~1% or 2% of the videos that we screened. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel while processing viral video contents, i.e. we do not mind whether a video hasĀ  been seen 50M times on YouTube or only generated a couple of views.

Novelty is not a selection criteria: we are not looking for the latest viral video contents available on the internet, and we are perfectly willing to publish mainstream contents as long as they are extraordinary. Excellence in delivering softness and cuteness is our main, if not only, driver. We judge the intrinsic quality of viral video contents, its “cuteness” potential, instead of the date of its release or how it trends in terms of recent video views. This is how we handpicked videos like “kittens like kisses“, the sweet tickled kitten, music-loving kittens and a cute Bengal cat taking a nap with a baby.

Now, please enjoy the videos of our section dedicated to sweetness and lovely innocence and feel free to let us know your feedback.