Woof Washer: Efficient Dog Shower Or Funny Gadget?

Written by Marc

Washing our dog is always a hell of a process, isn’t it? Taking him to the bathroom (not easy!), putting scared doggy in the bathtub (even tougher), seeing his imploring eyes (absolutely unbearable)… Well, now, why not taking the shower to your dog instead of taking your dog to the shower? That is exactly what Woof Washer aims to do. This innovative pet grooming device indeed strives to make this process a piece of cake for everyone.

Woof Washer: A Great Concept…

How does it work? First, you need to connect the Woof Washer to a garden hose. Then, you add some shampoo to the integrated dispenser. The washing mechanism will wash your dog homogeneously and totally while you move the ring from head to tail. Eventually, you will not create a mess in your bathroom, and you will spend some fun and good time in the garden with your beloved dog. The Woof Washer is indeed much less intimidating for him and exhausting for you than the daunting travel to the bathroom! All in all, the ring shower is an invention that is not only practical but also fun and easy to use.

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… Ruined By A Poor Implementation

The principle underpinning the Woof Washer is unquestionably clever. This grooming tool is safe, very inexpensive (<$10) and makes it easy to wash and rinse your dog. Woof Washer claims that the device enables to entirely wash and rinse dogs of all sizes in less than 1 minute; real tests showed that it takes a little longer than that. However, we noticed that several users were unhappy with Woof Washer due to i) the extreme fragility of the device and to ii) various dysfunctions: the trigger breaks easily, the jet is too weak and water is sprayed out in wrong directions, the soap does not come out. Overall, the concept is brilliant at first sight but poorly implemented. This dog washing solution suffers from its really cheap workmanship. That is really too bad considering that we had high expectations and found that this pet grooming tool was particularly innovative.

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  • WOW! Effect
  • Innovative Design
  • Frequency of Use
  • Value for Money

Should you buy it?

How can we give the Woof Washer a 1.0/5.0 grade for "Value for Money" while it only costs ~$6? Well, mostly because this grooming tool is extremely fragile and unreliable. The idea of creating a ring of water to make everyone's life easier and more comfortable was brilliant. However, this dog washing system is the hybrid result of great imagination and poor execution. In a nutshell, the Woof Washer, that we could define as the poor implementation of a smart idea, is penalized by its weak reliability and its excessive fragility. Nevertheless, considering its very limited price tag, you may want to give this pet grooming device a try and see for yourself whether you will keep it beyond summer or send it back.

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